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Relationships are challenging but fun, relationship's are frustrating but fun, relationships require sacrifice but are still fun. There are so many things that a relationship can be. The reality is the people in the relationship ultimately decide what it will be. With the amount of frustrations that revolves around life, a fun place with your him or her is critical! In fact, make sure that you tell your him or her lets have fun! Lets laugh lets make memories that are full of laughter lets set goals that are fun, lets go places that are fun, lets make our personal intimate time fun. While you are being purposeful about the fun you are having, make sure you tell her make sure you tell him you are having fun!

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This particular post reminds me of the giddy little girl that lives inside of me who loves to laugh tell jokes and just reminisce on "the good old days" of both my life, my husband's life and our life together. We come from two different genres. When you've been blessed to have someone to share your life with, EVERYTHING my Pastor has spoken is 1000% true. I've learned to take life one "breath" at a time and I now stroll through life because I want to enjoy every moment of it with my husband and continue to make memories as we still talk about the ones we've placed in each other's hearts 💕.

Again, THANK Y❤️U

Pastor Johnson for ALL…


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This is so true as I struggle to take care of my husband who was once vibrant and independent I can enjoy looking back at the fun times we had together and it helps me to enjoy being his care taker. Thank you my Pastor my spiritual leader for your blogs of encouragement

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