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The commonality of every human being is the truth that all humans have biological parents. This is not a point you should attempt to argue. In other words, all of humanity is tied to a FAMILY. There must be something significant about FAMILY. Perhaps it is important to note that the book of Genesis introduces the world to the first family of Adam and Eve. God was purposeful in how He created this world that is enjoyed by so many FAMILIES. The FAMILIY system is one worth fighting for. Unlimited experience, natural love, nourishment, the judgement free zone, compassion and protection are just a few amazing qualities that the FAMILY system will provide. The question is who and what wouldn’t want you to benefit from these attributes? If there are minor or major infractions that have separated, you from the FAMILY system fight and reconnect immediately. The FAMILY system will embrace you, claim you, and provide for you at your lowest place in life. There is a lesson that can correlate with how important the FAMILY system really is. Luke 15:11-32 presents the story of the Prodigal son. He found himself at a low place in his life. In verse 17 he has a mental breakthrough and came to himself. It was from this place that he decided to return to his FAMILY! When he does, he can start again. The FAMILY system is worth fighting for because it gives humanity a fighting chance to begin again!

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